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My mouse work

Check out iographica.com/
Mouse tracking software!! Here are some of my tracks

Then i got into some more fun realizing some more potential in line drawings.

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John Mayer – Designer?

Taken From Johnmayer.com/blog –

from Johnmayer.com

The idea is to run as many concurrent streams of production as we can. While Chad is wiring the mixing board, I’m set up in a room that will someday serve as a vocal booth, but right now I’m writing with a very modest songwriting rig…

I’d even like to have album artwork concepts while we’re still recording. Why wait? Why not blow the album cover up to 8’x8′ and record with it hung up on the wall?


– So i ask the question is john mayer a designer? I would argue that in a way he his. Hes changing his process, and a process that many large music groups impose on the industry. Maybe hes a true artist then, but where’s the difference.


WILD new CS5 photoshop tools! Aware Fill

U.N. Says Dirty Water Kills More Than War

Found on the New York Times this topic hold very dear to my heart-
New York Times – JUMP!

Also- a few photo posts to follow suit.

U.N. Says Dirty Water Kills More Than War

Little Water, and Less, Along the Jordan
Published: March 22, 2010<

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — More people die from polluted water every year than from all forms of violence, including war, the U.N. said in a report Monday that highlights the need for clean drinking water.

The report, launched Monday to coincide with World Water Day, said an estimated 2 billion tons of waste water — including fertilizer run-off, sewage and industrial waste — is being discharged daily. That waste fuels the spread of disease and damages ecosystems.

”Sick Water” — the report from the U.N. Environment Program — said that 3.7 percent of all deaths are attributed to water-related diseases, translating into millions of deaths. More than half of the world’s hospital beds are filled by people suffering from water-related illnesses, it said.

”If we are not able to manage our waste, then that means more people dying from waterborne diseases,” said Achim Steiner, the U.N. Undersecretary General and executive director of UNEP.
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Bike Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

In studio, we are working with Urban Utility Cycling throughout Philadelphia. We are teaming up with non-profits around our area on the content. My group is working with the Bike Coalition of Greater Philadelpha, an advocacy orginization for bikers in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. We (Chia-Ying Yu and I) recently did some work on signs for their Bike Ambassador program. These educational posters will be teaching aides for explaining rules and guidlines for riding your bike on the road. Here are three of these posters.

We’re working on more graphic content with them in conjuction with our studio project. Expect more updates to come.



Im on now, follw me!


Collab Update

The Collab Competition was a great experience in entering. Approaching a project with the intent to mimic the spirit and style of another designer has opened up many new avenues for me in designing products. Marcel, being a lover of exuberance and childlike fun, his style was right up my alter egos alley. Yi Wei Liao (from Uarts Junior class) placed second and Jay Dyer (also a Uarts junior) received an honourable mention. All of the Uarts projects shined in my eyes and i am very proud to be a part of the class. Even though i personally did not make the cut, I was very humbled that Jamer Hunt (one of 6 panel judges and former Uarts MID chair) talked about my project and pointed out the conceptual aspects of my design that i was really trying to get across. Congratulations to the other winners from Philadelphia University and Art Institute of Philadelphia.