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Fall 09 Update

Six weeks into school and already very busy.

Projects currently:
Project Studio- Co-lab competition – Studio project creating a table top luminare that is inspired by Marcel Wonders.

Prototype #3

Lighting concepts.

Lamp base. Bronze.

Wearable laser cut – 3D course project using Rhino creating a wearable laser cut file.

The laser cut file is going to be used as an aide to casting the necklace in silver.

Rhino work


Junior Semantics

Mask – Creation of a mask to portray a message with out words.

Pill Project- Create a pill and cure that will have some type of semantic backing.

Pill Description form.

First ideation of pill form.


Metalsmithing Studio– Cup forming project. Drinkable cup form using skills acquired in Metalsmithing 101.

raised copper form used as a study model for the cup project.

Child Behavior/Observation– Research paper based on field study of child playground activities with comparisons to Jean Piaget’s theories.

More updates to come.



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